Casing & Tubing Thread Protectors are designed, manufactured, inspected & tested to meet vital requirements of Thread Protection as specified under relevant standards of API specifications.


Heavy Duty Plastic & Composite thread protector made using Virgin, UV resistant, High Impact resistant, and Chemically Inert & Thermally Stable within API specified temperature range of -46 Degree C, +66 Degree C, with 100 % recyclable.

Composite Thread Protectors Precision Engineered with a Steel roll-over bumper designed to absorb severe impact & prevent damage to the thread connection during handling & Transport.

Composite Thread Protector Cover the full thread length & seal face to prevent stripping loosening or ingress of debris & corrosion, which will damage the thread.
The Heavy Duty HDPE Plastic thread profile prevents all contact between the steel bumper & the thread connection thereby eliminating the possibility of bi-metallic corrosion.

Composite sizes available from 4 1 /2” to 13 3 /8” Standard API Threads Closed-end, Open-end, liftable.

Heavy Duty Plastic sizes are from 2 3 /8” EUE to 4 ½” EUE non-liftable close End.

Composite (metal + plastic) Thread Protectors

4 ½” LTC/BTC
5 ½” LTC/BTC
9 5/8” LTC/BTC
13 3/8” LTC/BTC

Heavy Duty Plastic Thread Protectors.

2 3/8" EUE /NUE
2 7/8" EUE /NUE
3 1/2" EUE /NUE
4 1/2" EUE /NUE